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Please note The Blackford Trust is now closed - this page is retained for purely historic interest

Dyslexia Scotland

Our support

We provided support in 2010 towards media training for volunteers with Dyslexia Scotland, to assist them in their mission to help people with dyslexia to reach their full potential.

Background to our partner (see also here)

Dyslexia Scotland is the country's leading organisation campaigning on behalf of, and supporting, people with dyslexia. They provide high quality services to people with dyslexia, influence change at a national level, and support a network of branches, members and partners across Scotland.

Around 10% of the Scottish population is believed to be dyslexic to some degree, and around 4% of those are believed to be severely dyslexic. The learning difficulty can have a negative effect on people's employment opportunities, and their ability to handle the growing information and literacy needs of daily living.

Dyslexia Scotland believe it is especially important to raise awareness of the issue and encourage the media to carry positive stories about dyslexia. Many of their volunteers have personal experience of dyslexia, whether in their own lives, as parents, as educators, or as employers, and their stories can be a powerful tool to raise awareness and understanding of the issue.

Outcomes and lessons

Seven volunteers from Dyslexia Scotland took part in a media training workshop day on 12th August 2010 in Stirling. The training day was very successful. Everyone found it useful and enjoyable - highlights were role plays for radio interviews and learning about the processes involved in bringing a newspaper into print. As an extra bonus, two volunteers joined Dyslexia Scotland's media group after the event, so they can be more involved in planning press coverage as well as being spokespeople.

Dyslexia Awareness Week (1-7 November 2010) was used as a case study for the day, and volunteers put what they learnt into action by preparing press releases, tailoring specific press contacts for newspaper, radio and TV coverage and getting "key messages" ready for the week. For example, one of the volunteers spoke to the media about her photography exhibition, ‘Many Faces of Dyslexia’ which will be on display during the week ; another volunteer set up an interview with the Big Issue about Jackie Stewart’s involvement in prisons ; another prepared press releases and sourced quotes for coverage about events to disseminate the Assessing Dyslexia toolkit.

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